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We supply a full range of soil, sewer (110mm & 160mm), waste pipe and fittings, overflow pipe and fittings, pan connectors, traps, 6 way Access Junctions, covers, frames, risers, gullys, acess bends, long radius bends access branches, reducers and all the ususal drainage fittings and accessories.


We have a range of Access Junctions that include 320mm 3-way and 6-way bases. We also stock 450mm bases and have them in both 4" & 6".


We stock 1m lengths of channel with an option of plastic and galvanised steel bases.


All of our products are certified to the highest standards.

Plumbing & Heating Supplies

soil pipe & fittings - sewer pipe & fittings - waster pipe & fittings - pan connectors - p traps - s traps - shower traps - bath traps - appliance traps

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